Toys Learning System


Preschool Package Set

Every investment in Artera™ Preschool Set will come packaged with the following products and services*:

  • 1 unit of Artera™ Teachers Toys Set (comprising of 334 toys component that can produced 10 different models simultaneously).
  • 1 unit of Teaching Manual
  • 1 unit of Installation Manual
  • 1 unit of Tutorial Video for Reference
  • 1 Day Applied Teachers Training Program
  • 6 months Support over Email/Whatsapp
  • 1 unit of Artera™ Authorized Center Bunting
  • 100 units of Marketing pamphlets

* Products and services offered in the packaged solution might differ in different countries where Artera™ is available. Please refer to each country’s authorized distributors

Child/Pupil Set

Artera™ Child Sets consist of;

  • 124 units of component and
  • 1 Installation Manual