Investment in Artera - Toys Learning System


Artera™ is a Toys Learning System. It is developed to provide preschool kids (4-6 years old) the ability to learn while playing (structured play) with construction toys.

In the process of this structured play, the pupil will be exposed to various subjects such as Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.R.E.A.M) while also developing their fine motor skills and creativity.

Artera™ is also developed according to the latest Malaysian Preschool Curriculum Standard (KSPK) 2017.

The Benefits

What Is So Special About Artera™

Apart from the benefits to children, Artera™ is also a business system to Preschool operators.

Investing in Artera™ will give preschool operators with a new source of income from sales of Artera™ Child Sets and additional monthly fee collected from the introduction of a new program “Little Architect & Engineer Program” to the kindergarten.

It will address common problems of most preschool operators such as:

  • limited source of income
  • rising cost of management of kindergarten
  • untrained teachers
  • Competition from other kindergartens in recruiting new students

To find out how much it will benefit you, please download our Artera Financial Simulation software.