Increase Revenue, Double Your Profit


We have developed Artera™ Toys Learning System. It is a Complete Solutions that tackles most of the main issues of private pre-school operators.

Artera™ is an investment Your investment in Artera™ will be translated to an increase in revenue collected from additional monthly fees and sales of Artera™ products.

Our research shows that with the imple-mentation of Artera™ you can multiply your profit and recover your investment almost immediately. The second year onwards will be more profitable as you will not have any further investment but collecting recurring revenue.

How To Make Profit?

Profit Simulation

The following diagram demonstrate the increase in profit after the implementation of Artera™ Toys Learning System

Artera™ Toys Learning System has also been tested with preschool students aged 5-6 years and from our observation we found out that their creativity level increased after being exposed to our learning methods.

Moreover, they are always thrilled and excited to create and play either alone or together with their friends.

To find out how Artera can improve your kindergarten income and profit please download the following Financial Simulation File and see the simulated income before and after Artera™ implementation.